Wedding Cake Strain, Grow Journal – Soda Can Grow – Day 86

Today is day 86 of the wedding cake micro sea of green. I am now starting to give the plants only ice cold water and flushing them out. They are really starting to fade out nicely and I plan to harvest them very soon. Anywhere from day 90 to 100 is when I plan on chopping but could be a little sooner. Overall I’m a little disappointed with how things turned out, I was hopeing for the plants to fill out a bit more with buds, and how things look right now, my guess is I will average around 3.5 grams per plant for a total yield of around a half oz or 14 grams. Considering I ended up using 60 watts of LED, 14 grams is not a very good yield. But on the brighter side the bud is super frosty and smells amazing, so at least the quality will be there.

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