day 68 wedding cake

Wedding Cake Strain, Grow Journal – Soda Can Grow – Day 68

Today is day 68 of the wedding cake micro sea of green. The plants are casually doing there thing. I’m still currently feeding full strength Maxibloom with reverse osmosis water. The plants are very frosty and smell amazing. But even though I am using 60 watts of LED bulbs it doesn’t look like the plants will yield much. My guess is around 3 grams dry per plant for a total of somewhere around 12 grams dry total. The plants do still have a bit of time left though so maybe they will fatten up a bit. I’m hopeing they are done around day 100 from seed but we will see. Here are the pictures.

day 68 wedding cake


  1. Hey, good stuff man. I’m in the process of putting together a PC grow. Do you have any experience with carbon filters. I can’t find anything small enough to fit in the case. I see many DIY filters but I am not sure if they work. Any advice will be appreciated.


    1. Hey thanks for checking out the blog. Honestly I don’t have much experience with DIY carbon filters. Especially for something as small as a PC case. Not sure how stealthy you need to be. But from my experience you wont really need one for such a small grow. The small wont really leave the room you have it in. But you could try. I would just put some ona gel or some kind of air freshener outside of the room you have it in and that should be good enough. The issue with such a small carbon filter is that usually the carbon inside a filter with a pc fan really blocks the air flow. But just be creative maybe you can come up with one that works, if you do I would love to see it. thanks again and have fun with the grow

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