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Wedding Cake Strain, Grow Journal – Soda Can Grow – Day 52

Today is day 52 of the wedding cake micro sea of green. The plants seem to be thriving now. I decided to up the watts on my diy led grow light, and now have all 7 sockets filled with 8.5 watt 2700k bulbs. For a total of 60 total watts. Originally I did not want to go over 34 watts but considering the height the plants ended up reaching, I felt the lights were not penetrating deep enough with such minimal lights.

Still just feeding full strength Maxibloom with 35 cents a gallon, bottled RO water. The plants are starting to dry out really fast now so I am finding myself watering every few days. Even at this frequency 1 gallon of water still lasts me about a week. So 35 cents for water a week is not so bad. Also to keep the dry plants from falling over now I went to the dollar tree and bought 4 mugs to put the cans in to keep them from falling over.

The plants look they are just about entering full on flower mode. My guess is they still have around 6 weeks left or maybe a little longer. I’m hopeing they finish around day 100. but we will see.

wedding cake strain
wedding cake strain grow
wedding cake la croix

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