hindu kush autoflower

Hindu Kush Autoflower Grow Journal, Micro grow – Harvest

I harvested the hindu kush autoflower on day 86 of the plants life, after 48 hours darkness in a cardboard box. This was 2 days ago on Wednesday May 29th. I could have went a little longer but I had already started my next micro grow seeds so had to clear out the cabinet. With that said though the buds were fully mature and ready at day 86.

After I put the plant into 48 hours darkness in a carboard box. I harvested individual branches at a time and trimmed them up and then layered them at the bottom of a paper grocery bag. I put the bag inside of a large cardboard box and closed the top of the box while leaving the paper bag open inside of the box. The plant has been drying now for 2 days and every day I have been flipping the buds around inside of the paper bag. Making sure they do not get to moist. Right now the buds still feel very moist and the smell inside of the box is super strong.

I will be doing another update harvest post when everything is dried and cured, and I have the final dry weight and possible smoke report.

I am very happy with the results for only flowering with 34 watts of LED bulbs. In the past I have gotten smaller harvests with 90 watts of CFL bulbs.

Hindu Kush Autoflower Harvest Pictures:

hindu kush autoflower harvest
hindu kush auto harvest

Hindu Kush Autoflower Havest Pictures from today:

2 days after harvest

hindu kush autoflower

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