hindu kush autoflower

Hindu Kush Autoflower Grow Journal, Micro grow – Day 75

Today is day 75 of this micro Hindu Kush autoflower grow. The plant is starting to look pretty sad. I have been still only giving plain water. I have also started to notice lots of fungus gnats. I think it is from the organic fertilizer that I used with the coco coir. I plan on harvesting on day 90 but might chop a little before that depending on how the plant looks.

There is still some new white hairs but overall the buds are starting to look really close to being done. The swelling has also seemed to slow down.

While there does seem to be a decent amount of buds, most of them are very small. My guess for the final harvest weight at this point is going to be around 12 grams. Anything more than that I will be happily surprised. Anything less and I will be slightly disappointed. But the fact that I only used 34 watts of LED bulbs for pretty much all of flowering is very satisfying.

I will probably be posting one more update for this Hindu Kush autoflower grow before for harvest. So stay tuned.

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hindu kush autoflower
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hindu kush autoflower
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