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Hindu Kush Autoflower Grow Journal, Micro grow – Day 1

Welcome to my Hindu Kush autoflower grow journal, done micro style. Follow me on Instagram @dollartreegrowbox for grow updates.

So for this grow I will be growing the strain Hindu Kush Auto from SensiSeeds.

My Grow Box Setup

My setup is a small cabinet with one small computer fan for intake and passive exhaust. I know people usually do it the other way around but I wanted to try it this way because I figured this one fan can be dual purpose for air intake as well as to provide some wind for the plant. I also will be keeping the doors to the cabinet open a majority of the time because this is not a stealth grow and I figure that will help with air quality for the plant and also keep temperatures and humidity from getting to high. Below are some pictures of my intake and exhaust set up.

My lights

My lights for this grow will be ordinary household LED light bulbs with the tops cut off. To see in detail how I made my grow light click the link below.

DIY LED Grow Light – Super simple and cheap to make

For starting the seeds I am using 2x 9 watt 2700k led bulbs for a total of 18 watts, but after about a week I will be changing the bulbs to 14 watt bulbs and be using a total of 4x 14 watt 2700k LED bulbs from Wal-Mart for a total of 56 watts for the entire grow. Below are some pictures of my lights.

Grow Medium, Nutrients and Water

For my grow medium I will be using coco coir with a little bit of perlite mixed in for drainage and air for the roots. The only nutrient I plan on using for this entire grow is Osmocote Plus. Which is a controlled release fertilizer with all the Macro and micro nutrients the plants should need besides calcium, but my tap water is very high in calcium so hopefully I wont have any issues. This fertilizer will be mixed in directly to the coco/perlite mix at 1 tsp per 18 oz pot. So if all goes well I should only have to give my plants plain water at a PH of around 6 for the entire grow, which I am very excited about the simplicity of, and really hope it works out. For the water I will be using a mixture of half tap water and half RO (reverse osmosis) water. The reason for this is my tap water is extremely hard. We are talking calcium and minerals galore. It comes out of the tap at over 500 ppm’s of total dissolved solids which is much to high for growing this way. After mixing my water I will be adding 0.6 grams of pure Vitamin C powder to bring the PH of my water down to right around 6. Below are some pictures of these things.

Day 1 Hindu Kush Autoflower grow, cabinet setup and plants

So a couple of days ago I put some hindu kush auto seeds into a moist paper towel and after 24 hours the seeds cracked and had a tiny white root coming out. At this point I planted them directly into my 4 18 oz pots, and today 2 of the seeds sprouted up through the coco coir. Here are some pictures of everything so far.

So that is it for day 1 of the Hindu Kush autoflower grow. Nothing exciting yet, but I had to get all the boring details out of the way for anyone who wants to know. I will try to update around once a week, and hopefully all my other posts for this grow wont be as long.


  1. Hi! I’ve just stumbled across your blog and it has inspired me so much!! I’m going for a stealth build! Have already created my adapted lights using your tutorial and will follow the same bulb sequences as you during the grow. I’m ready to install them into a cupboard unit measuring 500mm wide, 1200mm tall and 400mm deep. I need to incorporate a carbon scrubber. Do you think an inline extractor fan connected to my scrubber will be enough to circulate air with just a passive entry point based on the size of the cabinet I’m using or should I incorporate an additional fanfic intake?? The fan I’m looking at has an airflow extract rate of 137 m3/h.16 Watts.0.1 Amps.

    Many thanks,


    1. hey thanks for checking out the site. I’m glad it inspired you. It’s such a fun hobby. To be honest I cant say for sure about the fan because I have never used a carbon filter just because I have not needed to be that stealthy. But I think for sure the fan would work without a carbon filter, and just passive intake holes. I’m thinking the fan you are looking at would work with a carbon filter but just cant say for sure. Good luck on the grow, feel free to dm me on Instagram anytime @bobbgrowsweed if you have any other questions or just want to show me your grow. I would love to see it.

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