Hindu Kush Autoflower Grow Journal, Micro grow – Day 20

Today is day 20 of the Hindu Kush autoflower grow. This past week I did a few things. I changed my lights back to the 2700k led bulbs. I did this because I wanted the plants to grow a little more stretched out. They were staying very tight. I also only currently have 5 light bulbs in my fixture, for a total of 42.5 watts.

The major thing I did this week was leaf defoliation. I know it is not recommended for autoflowers, but I like to learn things on my own by trail an error. I did the two plants on the right on day 15 and the other 2 on the left on day 18. The main reason I chose to do it was because my cabinet is so small, and the plants were already getting crammed. I needed better airflow and really just was curious how they would react to the stress. After defoliating, I noticed around 24 hours of stunted growth, but after that they went back to noticeable daily growth.

Hindu Kush Autoflower Grow Pictures – Day 20

auto hindu kush
auto hindu kush
hindu kush auto day 20

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