hindu kush autoflower day 11

Hindu Kush Autoflower Grow Journal, Micro grow – Day 11

Today is day 11 and the plants are finally starting to look healthy. It seems like they will really be starting to take off in the next week hopefully. Today I decided to remove the weaker plant in each pot.

I have been making some LED light bulb adjustments over the last couple of days. I upgraded my light fixture to one that holds 7 bulbs, and now I have 2 17 watt 2700k LED bulbs and 1 9 watt 5000k LED bulb. For a total of 42 watts now. You can see how I made my own DIY LED grow light for this grow; HERE. Since the 17 watt bulbs are stronger and can penetrate deeper I now have the plants about 10 inches from the lights and they are growing great. No more stretching. I do plan on switching the lights tomorrow though to 6 9 watt bulbs at 5000k. And placing them around 4 inches from the plants. I want to keep the growth really tight until the plants show their sex, so I know what I’m dealing with and then I will make adjustments from there.

I gave the plants some water one day of my tap/RO mixture, ph adjusted to 6 with vitamin C powder.

Enjoy the pictures below from today, day 11 of this Hindu Kush Autoflower grow.

DIY LED Grow Light – Super simple and cheap to make

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