hindu kush autoflower day 26

Hindu Kush Autoflower Grow Journal, Micro grow – Day 26

Today is day 26 of this micro Hindu Kush autoflower grow. The plants have really taken off since my last update, and overall I am happy with things so far.

3 of the 4 plants are showing female pre-flowers so that is a good thing. Except I might not have enough room to finish flowering 3 plants in my small space, but for now I will keep them and see what happens.

So the leaf issue I have seems to have came back, and I think I figured it out. I’m pretty sure the plants either don’t like the Vitamin C as PH down, or my really high ppm tap water. The plants were growing fast and looked very happy on the pure RO water, and once I watered again with the tap water with the Vitamin C they instantly looked a little sad. And had some discoloration on some leaves, and look overall a little droopy. So from now on I will water again with only pure RO and see if the bounce back.

I have also been bottom watering for the past week now and the plants are loving it. No signs of overwatering at all. Pictures from today day 26 below.

Hindu Kush Autoflower Grow Pictures – Day 26

hindu kush auto day 26
hindu kush autoflower day 26
Hindu kush autoflower day 26
hindu kush autoflower day 26
hindu kush autoflower day 26
hindu kush autoflower

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