Top 10 Fastest Autoflower Strains

So you are looking for the fastest autoflower strains you can find. In this post I will share with you my 10 all time favorite, super fast autoflowering strains. Some of these strains can finish in as little as 70 days from seed to harvest. So whether you have a very short outdoor growing season to work with, or you just want some top notch frosty nugs as quickly as possible, these are the strains that I would recommend for you.

1. Lowryder #2 Auto

Lowryder #2 Autoflower Grow

Lowryder #2 is a classic, and to this day is still known to be one of the fastest autoflower strains available. This strain was created by the legendary cannabis breeder The Joint doctor. This strain was bred by using one of the first autoflower strains ever created simply called Lowryder and then crossed with the very potent legendary Brazilian Santa Maria strain in order to create a larger and much more potent strain than the original Lowryder Autoflower.

In ideal conditions this strain can finish in just 9 weeks from seed or about 65 day from germination. This is extremely fast. But the speed is not the only thing this plant has going for it. This plant has average THC levels over 15%, can get up to 2 feet tall, and can yield up to 45 grams per plant of dank buds, all in just 65 days.

Her buds smell earthy and sweet fruity. This is still my all time favorite autoflower strain, since the first time I grew it in 2011. Never disappointed in this plant. It is super easy to grow and perfect for someone just getting into growing who wants a strain that is very forgiving and will guarantee a quick harvest.

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2. Chronic Ryder Auto

Chronic Ryder Autoflower Grow

Another one of the fastest autoflower strains ever. Chronic Ryder Auto Was also created originally by the legends over at The Joint Doctor. This strain was made by crossing the Lowryder #2 strain with that OG Dr. Dre Chonic from the 90’s. This plant is a little less potent than the Lowryder 2 with average THC levels around 11%. It makes up for its slightly lower THC levels with its size. This plant can grow bigger than the lowryder 2 and produce more dried buds at harvest in the same 65 day grow cycle from seed to harvest.

This strain is also very beginner friendly, and a very tough plant. Very resistant to high heat if you have trouble with high temperatures.

Chronic Ryder Auto produces rock solid dense buds with the classic citrus earthy aromas of the classic Chronic.

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3. Caramel Creme Auto

fastest autoflower strains
Caramel Creme Autoflower Grow

Caramel Crème is another one of the fastest autoflower strains, that has been improved over the years and nearly perfected. This mostly indica autoflower strain was bred by Lineage Genetics for high THC levels of up to 18% and can compete with any regular photo period strain.

The flowering time for this strain is only 45 days and can finish in only 60 days from seed to harvest. Making it one of the fastest autoflower strains to ever exist.

The plant is medium size and can produce anywhere from 40 to 60 grams of dried buds per plant if grown in optimal conditions, which is super impressive considering its very short life cycle.

The effects of this strain are very relaxing, and can cause sleepiness if consumed in large amounts. Perfect strain for unwinding from stress and anxiety or those who suffer from insomnia.

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4. Autopilot XXL Auto

autopilot XXL autoflower grow
Autopilot XXL Autoflower Grow

This strain takes a little bit longer than some of the other fastest autoflower strains on this list, but was bred to be big and produce large yields. Somewhat of a super auto. Even though it takes a little longer, this plant is still extremely fast growing, the larger yields are well worth the extra time.

The seed to harvest time on this plant in optimal conditions is around 75 days, which is still very fast for any cannabis plant.

This strain of autoflowering cannabis was bred by Ministry Of Cannabis. Created by crossing their Big Bud XXL strain with a fast finishing autoflower variety, and then selective breeding multiple generations to keep the plant characteristics as close to the same as the Big Bud XXL while keeping the unique ability to autoflower and finish fast.

Buds on this plant grow very large in size and have a nice strong pungent odor of parsley and pepper, with THC levels around 15%. The high this strain produces is a well balanced high, with the perfect amount of happy head high of a sativa coupled with the relaxing body effects of an indica. Perfect anytime smoke.

Autopilot XXL Autoflower seeds
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5. Master Kush Auto

master kush autoflower grow
Master Kush Autoflower Grow

If you love hash than this is the perfect plant for you. This strain is bred by White Label Seed Company, and is a true work of art. The history of the Master Kush strain was made by breeding the best strains found in the Hindu Kush mountain range used in hash production in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and North India, and combined to create the Legend we know today as Master Kush. Regular Master Kush is already know as being a very fast flowering plant, that can flower in as fast as 50 days and produce very dense and resinous flowers. So White Label Seed Company took this legendary strain and bred it with a fast autoflowering strain. The results are a plant that finishes in around 77 days from seed to harvest. Not quite as fast as some of the other fastest autoflowering strains, but well worth it for this classic legendary hash plant.

The buds produce a very old school hash scent that is pungently sweet and earthy, with a hint of incense. The buzz produced from these plants is a very clear and well balanced high. Effects are very relaxing while being very clear headed due to its levels of CBD. Perfect strain for pain and anxiety.

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6. Blueberry Domina Auto

blueberry domina autoflower grow
Blueberry Domina Autoflower Grow

This mostly indica autoflowering strain is a cross of blueberry, black domina, and a fast flowering ruderalis autoflowering strain. Being another one of the fastest flowering autoflower strains, it finishes around 65 days from seed to harvest.

For growing so fast this plant amazingly can yield up to 100 grams per plant.

This strain is more dominant in the Black Domina genetics, and shows by its spicy flavor, intense body stone, and wide leaf formation. She also smells sweet and sour and a bit musky.

With THC levels around 17% this plant will knock you out, and is a great night time smoke. This strain can also induce some pretty powerful munchies.

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7. Early Skunk Auto

early skunk auto grow
Early Skunk Autoflower Grow

Early Skunk Auto was bred and created by the famous breeders over at Sensi Seeds. This mostly Indica strain is a cross of the classic Skunk #1, Early Pearl and Lowryder. This strain is very vigerous and resistant to pests, mold and cooler climates. From seed to harvest this plant usually finishes in around 80 days.

The buds from this strain produce a classic musky true skunk smell. Perfect strain for those in search of some old school genetics. The high produced is a well balance between body and mind. Another great strain for those looking for the fastest autoflower strains.

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8. Ogre Auto

orge auto grow
Ogre Autoflower Grow

This strain produces large, very strong smelling buds in around 70 days from seed. It is a cross of Secret Citrus AF and Durban Skunk and was bred by The Joint Doctor.

This strain produces very large yields for being one of the fastest autoflowering strains. Very good breeding with this one, and very close to plant perfection. This plant can easily reach up to 3 ft tall, which is very impressive considering its very short life cycle.

The high for this one is more on the Sativa side and perfect for the mornings and day time. It smells very citrusy with a hint of skunk. THC levels can reach as high as 17%.

ogre autoflower seeds
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9. Afghani #1 Auto

afghani 1 auto grow
Afghani #1 Autoflower Grow

If you love Indica strains this this might be the perfect strain for you. Afghani #1 is a classic old school landrace strain from the mountains of Afghanistan, that is traditionally grown for the production of high quality hash. Sensi Seeds was able to take this legendary classic and give it the ability to autoflower, through careful breeding. This plant will finish growing and be ready for harvest in around 85 days from seed.

The buds of these plants grow very tight and dense and are almost rock hard to the touch. They smell of the buds is earthy, spicy, sweet and herbal. Very similar to a high quality hash.

When grown these plants grow to a height of around 2 feet tall, and you can expect to yield around 50 grams per plant, of super dense, super dank buds.

afghani 1 autoflower seeds
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10. Star Auto CBD

star auto cbd grow
Star Auto CBD Grow

Another one of the fastest autoflower strains, created by Ministry of Cannabis. This strain is for individuals looking for a fast flowering medicinal plant. This plant produces buds with a THC/CBD ratio of 1:1. This makes it ideal for people who want to medicate without feeling such an intense overpowering head high, but can still receive the healing and pain relieving effects of cannabis. THC and CBD levels of this plant both come in around 10%.

This highly medicinal plant can yield up to 120 grams per plant in just 75 days from seed. Its aroma is of incense and musk. Great strain for anxiety, insomnia and pain, producing a very relaxing and calming experience.

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