Wedding Cake Strain, Grow Journal – Soda Can Grow – Day 19

The Hindu Kush auto micro grow is almost done drying. Here are a couple pictures of that to get started. I will be doing a post with final dry weight probably in the next few days when it is completely dry.

Hindu Kush Autoflower drying
hindu Kush autoflower drying

Wedding Cake Day 19 Update:

So the wedding cake micro grow is on day 19 from seed, and my experiment has already had a little hiccup. So I mentioned on my last post I was just going to be using my tap water. But the plants are already showing some issues. So I decided to change up my water source, to cheap bottled spring water and see if the plants get a little happier. The problem with my tap water is that it is very hard, and comes out of the tap at 500+ ppm. I’m thinking this hardness is giving my plants excess calcium which is locking out other nutrients. So we will see in a couple weeks, if this change in water has helped them at all. Today I flushed out all the plants with plain water from my new source, and will continue feeding around 3/4 strength Maxibloom fertilizer.

Overall things don’t look too bad right now, and everything pretty much looks healthy, except for one plant which is yellowing from the top up. I could be wrong but I think this is a symptom of Magnesium deficiency in cannabis plants, and I know my fertilizer should have enough magnesium. So I am guessing its the excess calcium that is locking out the magnesium.

My new water source
wedding cake micro grow
wedding cake micro grow
sick cannabis plant
wedding cake plant with magnesium deficiency?
wedding cake strain grow journal
wedding cake strain

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